Europe's income convergence and the latest global financial crisis
in collaboration with René Cabral, Research in Economics, 73(1), 23-34.

To Revise and Resubmit

Proximity effects and labor specialization transitions in Mexico: A spatial Markov chain analyisis
in collaboration with Miguel Flores

Political budget cycles: The role of candidate selection
in collaboration with Marco Pérez

Under Review

Labor productivity convergence and the latest global financial crisis in Mexico

In Progress

Estimating lost profits from patent infringement: A test on the duopoly/monopoly approach for the last two decades' cases
in collaboration with Stephen P. Magee

Energy consumption convergence in Mexico: A spatial approach
in collaboration with René Cabral

Spatial spillovers of international trade

Labor productivity and income inequality in Mexico

emocracy's varied effects on economic growth

On the effects of policy responsiveness on economic growth: Evidence from democratic nations
in collaboration with Marco Pérez

Total factor productivity: Economic sectors’ analysis of the Mexican states
in collaboration with Miguel Flores