­­Francisco A. CASTELLANOS-SOSA­­ 


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     Energy reform and energy consumption convergence in Mexico: A spatial approach 

         🡕 (2022) Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 61(1), 336-350, in collaboration with René Cabral and André Varella Mollick


     Proximity effects and labour specialization transitions in Mexico: a spatial Markov chain analysis 

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     Labor productivity convergence in Mexico

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     Europe's income convergence and the latest global financial crisis 

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     Political budget cycles: The role of candidate selection 

      in collaboration with Marco Pérez 

Under Review


     Spatial Income Inequality in the United States

         🡕 (2023) Preprint in SSRN


     Immigration and Income Inequality in the United States

In Progress


     U.S. Tariffs on Chinese Exports and U.S. Imports from Mexico

          in collaboration with Raymond Robertson, and Nereyda Ortiz-Osejo


     Spatial spillovers of international trade 


     Trade wars and income inequality


     Government Spending and Income Inequality 


     Decentralization and Economic Growth in Mexican Municipalities 


     The Economic Effect of Dominant-Party Alternation in Mexican States

          in collaboration with Julio A. Ramos-Pastrana


     Income Inequality and CO2 Emissions in the United States


     Fear of deportation? Uncovering the labor market effects of Secure Communities 

          in collaboration with Ana Canedo


     Estimating lost profits from patent infringement: A test on the duopoly/monopoly approach for the last two decades 

          in collaboration with Stephen P. Magee 

Research Reports


     Undercounting and Overcounting Population in Texas Counties: A Determinants-Side Approach and its Application to Texas

          🡕 (2023) Texas Census Institute Research Report Series RRS22-001